intracavernous injection (ici) therapy

the most powerful, reliable and safe ED treatment solution

There are several treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and ICI Therapy is the most powerful and effective option available. ICI is safe regardless of a man’s age or health conditions and has been used successfully and safely to treat ED since the 1970’s. ICI is non-systemic, meaning it does not get absorbed into your system. This eliminates the risk of any reactions and means that this medication works reliably, every time, without restrictions to food, alcohol or medications.

how it works

A combination of three or four FDA-approved medications is administered to the spongy muscle of the penis causing an increase in blood flow, resulting in a strong and lasting erection with or without stimulation. The prescribed formula is individually tailored to allow the erection to last approximately 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Once your ICI protocol is established, this treatment works predictably and reliably every time with no side effects or restrictions to food, alcohol consumption or medications.

benefits of ICI for ED:

  • Instant, powerful results
  • Achieve and maintain full erection quickly with or without stimulation
  • Control your erection for 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Improved sexual performance and stamina
  • Local application therefore no side-effects
  • Fast, safe and convenient treatment
  • Doctor supervised visits and follow ups
  • Fully customized medication
  • 24/7 patient care and medication adjustments if needed
  • Convenient travel kit included
  • No restrictions on food, alcohol or medications
  • Guaranteed results