The Weight-Management Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

It seems that an inevitable part of aging for many men is weight gain—excess pounds that seem to collect right at the midsection and grow with each passing year. Despite laying off the beers or skipping dessert, you still can’t seem to budge the bulge. As it turns out, you (or your lifestyle) may not be the biggest culprit causing your midlife paunch—it’s your hormones. The good news is that there’s help. With hormone replacement therapy for men and a few small habit changes, you can beat the belly fat and still save room for a beer and wings on game day.

Weight Management and Testosterone

Testosterone serves multiple functions all over the body and one such function is helping both men and women sustain lean body mass. However, as levels of testosterone decline with aging, weight management becomes an uphill battle.

The proof is in the science: 75 percent of obese men have low levels of testosterone and that is true among men under 20 years of age, as well.

To make matters worse, the collection of fat cells in that soft, central location of your abdomen further contributes to declines in testosterone. Abdominal obesity not only inhibits production of testosterone, but it promotes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Too much estrogen, known as estrogen dominance, can raise levels of inflammation in the body and contribute to not only weight gain, but moodiness, poor sleep, and gynecomastia (man boobs).

Conversely, higher levels of testosterone are associated with lower levels of body fat.

These facts make hormone replacement therapy for men an effective treatment for midlife weight gain. One study found that men being treated with testosterone to address erectile dysfunction also experienced significant weight-related changes, such as reduced body mass, decreases in waist circumference, and overall weight loss, even though weight loss was not the focus of the study. In addition to the benefit of weight loss, some subjects found that even after discontinuing testosterone therapy, their weight-loss results remained when paired with an ongoing active lifestyle.

If you are losing your battle against the bulge, stop fighting and start winning. the biostation™ offers effective, tailored hormone replacement therapy for men, including not only HRT but also high-quality supplement and nutritional support. You don’t have to live with midlife weight gain. When you achieve balance in your body, you can start looking and feeling like you again.

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