Is Hormone Replacement Therapy a Treatment Option for Depression?

Aging got you down? Sometimes hormonal imbalances that occur with age can cause your mood to fall. Menopause and andropause are common conditions that occur in mid-life due to a hormone imbalance and often come with mood swings or depression. However, addressing the hormonal imbalances caused by these conditions and, aging in general, can alleviate the stimuli of depression, such as low energy, fatigue, and weight gain. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can restore your sense of well-being, ignite confidence, and promote self-esteem through positive body changes.

Testosterone Therapy and Depression

Testosterone plays key roles in both men and women when it comes to mood, energy, weight management, and sex drive—all factors that influence self-esteem. Clinical observation has shown that individuals with low testosterone experience a diminished sense of well-being that can often lead to depression. In a 1996 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrine Medicine, UCLA researchers found that testosterone replacement therapy improved mood in subjects with low testosterone. Subjects treated with testosterone replacement therapy experienced a decrease in anger, sadness, fatigue, and nervousness, and improvements in energy and friendly demeanor.

Estrogen Therapy and Depression

Estrogen interacts with your serotonergic system, the system that plays a significant role in your mood. Declines in estrogen, such as those associated with menopause, often lead to unfavorable moods. The greatest risk for depression actually occurs during perimenopause—the five-year period prior to menopause—when initial imbalances in hormones occur. For many women who experience menopausal-related depression, hormone replacement therapy can reduce or, in some cases, solve the problem.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Depression

Hormone replacement therapy goes beyond estrogen and testosterone replacement. An expert physician trained in hormone balance and therapy can help you determine the best protocol for addressing hormone-related depression. Your hormones influence nearly every reaction in your body, including what goes on in your mind, like your moods. Benefits of hormone replacement therapy for depression can include improvement in:

  • Cognition/mental clarity
  • Sense of well-being
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Body composition
  • Sexual health

Don’t let aging get you down—make a change. The team at the biostation™ offers advanced, comprehensive testing to help you assess your hormone levels and identify any physiological issues. Following testing, you will meet with a physician to discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and concerns. Then, a treatment protocol will be designed for you that will address your concerns and take into account all the factors that are unique to you.

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