An Overview for Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, many of us try the latest lotions and potions or resort to extreme beauty procedures to reverse the signs of time. But the truth is, it’s more effective and less expensive to treat the cause than the effects. When it comes to aging, the cause is often hormone imbalance.

Your hormone levels begin to decline as you age. Yet it’s not growing older that makes your hormones decline, it’s declining hormones that make you feel and appear older. This decline disturbs your body’s hormonal balance and negatively affects your body, mind, and well-being. You see the signs as changes in your health, weight, energy, appearance, vitality, and confidence. And these changes aren’t good.

But you can turn around these changes and turn back the hands of time by simply turning to hormone replacement therapy.

What is hormone replacement therapy used for? Often called HRT, hormone replacement therapy is an innovative treatment that restores your body’s optimal hormone balance to improve your health, vitality, youthfulness, and quality of life. HRT offers benefits to both men and women, from the physical and psychological to the emotional and preventative.

With HRT, men experience the benefits of more energy, better muscle tone, lower body fat, improved libido, sharper memory and concentration, better sleep, improved blood flow, better skin elasticity, and reduced risk for many health conditions.

Women enjoy the benefits of more energy, less body fat, fewer hot flashes and menopausal symptoms, better moods, increased libido, improved sleep, better skin elasticity, greater bone density for protection against osteoporosis, and reduced risk for many diseases.

But not all HRT is created equal. Recent advances have led to the production of bioidentical hormones, which are preferred by many physicians and patients. Bioidentical hormones come from natural sources and have the same chemical structure as hormones produced by your body. They are also customized to suit your personal hormonal needs. The other option is synthetic hormones, which is a one-size-fits-all approach manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies. Bioidentical hormones are frequently favored because they are specifically designed for your individual needs and their similarity to the body’s natural hormones allows them to be metabolized properly.

At the biostation™, we specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and believe that a customized approach is the only way to help you look, feel, and be your personal best.

Now that you know about HRT, you may want to know if it’s right for you. If you’re feeling and facing the signs of aging, it may be time to help turn back time with HRT at the biostation.

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the biostation offers a comprehensive, individualized, scientific approach to age management, delivering total wellness for men and women looking to rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize their minds, and reclaim confidence. Our medical specialists provide a highly personalized experience using the latest advances in science and medicine including hormone replacement therapy, nutraceutical therapy, and nutrient IV therapy. Our medical director, Martin G. Bloom, M.D., customizes treatments to meet your personal needs and wellness goals, guiding you through the entire process to ensure success and satisfaction. To rediscover the health, fitness, and vitality of your youth, discover the biostation.

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