5 Preventative Care Tips That Fight Chronic Illness

When you come down with the flu or a common cold, you recognize when you start to feel better. A chronic illness is quite different, with symptoms that may or may not be noticeable, yet under the surface are wreaking havoc on your overall health. Across the United States today, millions of people suffer from chronic issues including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and more. These contribute to the rise of long-term chronic diseases that lower quality of life and increase medical care costs.

The good news is, many chronic illnesses and diseases are preventable. Preventive care may be the solution.

What is preventive care? It consists of proactive changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise and nutrition that can improve bodily function, with the goal of maintaining optimal long-term health and preventing age-related diseases.

How Can You Practice Preventive Care?

Exercise Regularly


Exercising is a natural way to improve your body’s performance and overall health. When you exercise, you encourage your body to burn fat and build muscle. Enjoying 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise a few times every week can make a significant difference in your health and how you feel.

Eat Healthy for You


What does “healthy eating” really mean? In general, a balanced diet rich in nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits and good fats will support better health, fuel your brain and body, and increase your energy. You should minimize, or better yet, eliminate completely sugar, processed foods and artificial ingredients to combat inflammation. However, what we now know is that true healthy eating is highly personalized. It’s important to avoid inflammatory foods (which are different for every person), because these could be causing reactions throughout the body, resulting in symptoms that may be serious but seemingly unrelated to what you are eating.

For an in-depth look at your nutritional needs, specialized testing to help you identify any food sensitivities, and a personalized plan for eating healthy and what that means for you, talk to us about our doctor-supervised medical weight loss and nutrition program.

Sleep Better


Quality sleep is necessary to avoid certain health issues, like stress, fatigue and overeating. Make it a priority to get seven or eight hours of restful sleep per night. Shut down all screens and television at least an hour before you go to bed, or turn on the Night Shift feature if you have an iPhone. Doing so helps you go to sleep faster and stay asleep, regulating a variety of systems throughout your body as it rests.



While a healthy diet is a great start, there are some vitamins and minerals that are tough to get through diet alone. The biostation can help optimize your vitamin levels with targeted supplementation solutions including nutrient IV therapy and nutrient injection therapy, which get nutrition into the body fast with 100% absorption. We also produce our own line of pharmaceutical grade and doctor-designed supplements of the highest quality, with no binders or fillers. Because our supplementation solutions are so powerful and tailored for specific deficiencies and imbalances, I highly recommend that you get a comprehensive blood test, like our Performance blood panel, before starting any supplement program.

Reduce Toxins


From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the products we put on our skin, toxins are everywhere. Toxins keep your body from operating at peak performance because it has to do the extra work to flush them out. Chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors are everywhere, and these can cause hormone imbalance. It is impossible to avoid them, but we can take action to reduce our exposure to toxins and chemicals by buying organic food whenever possible, drinking filtered water, avoiding hormone-disrupting ingredients in our skin care, switching out plastic food and drink containers for silicone, stainless steel or glass, and using naturally-based household cleaners, just to name a few.

Get the Help You Need with the Leading Preventive Care Experts in Delray Beach and Miami

Investing in your health with preventative care lifestyle changes is the best thing you can do to improve your quality of life and prevent age-related diseases. A personalized approach is always best, and at the biostation, our experienced and knowledgeable medical specialists are experts in Functional Medicine, Specialized Testing and naturally-based total wellness and anti-aging treatments.

To learn more, or to schedule a personal consultation, contact the biostation today.

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