What is the Best Testosterone Booster?

Are you interested in learning ways to boost your testosterone? Naturally, people are curious to find the best testosterone booster and quickly realize there are many types of testosterone treatment to choose from. You should always make the best decision for body with a physician.

Testosterone, also known simply as “T” is one of the most important hormones in any man’s body. From puberty throughout the rest of his life, a man’s testosterone levels will have a huge impact on all aspects of his health – from physical strength to sex drive and cognitive function.

A man’s supply of this important hormone naturally goes down as he ages. For most men, Low T may cause some mild symptoms, but nothing more serious than you would normally expect from the aging process. In some cases, hormone levels will drop quickly or fall to unacceptable levels. We encourage all males to test your hormone levels before your testosterone drops below optimal level.

The Best Booster for You Depends on Your Situation

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Men can encounter problems with Low T at any time in their life, from early 20s all the way through your golden years. What should be done to treat the condition depends on the existing level of the hormones in the bloodstream, the man’s lifestyle and general health concerns.

Testosterone therapy for men can incorporate many approaches. Diet, exercise, and targeted supplementation can help almost all men increase their overall testosterone levels. In many cases, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the fastest and most powerful way to rejuvenate men with low T.

How it Works

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There are four major injectable forms of testosterone:

1. Enanthate

Metabolized over four to five days, this type of testosterone can remain in the bloodstream in low levels for up to two weeks. Injections are typically intramuscular and usually take place every five to seven days. Initial dose and maintenance doses will vary widely among individuals.

2. Cypionate

This “long-acting” alternative to enanthate takes seven or eight days for the body to fully metabolize. Although the dosage is usually similar to enanthate, injections can be limited to just once a week.

3. Propionate

Metabolized over just three days, this option is considered very fast-acting. It must be administered two to three times a week, and effects are virtually immediate. Follow-up care is required to ensure the body responds as expected.

4. Aqueous Suspension (“No Ester”)

Aqueous suspension is used rarely due to frequent injections and a high risk of side-effects.

the biostation

the biostation - Best Testosterone Booster for You

At the biostation, we provide help for men of all ages struggling with low T, erectile disfunction and men’s sexual health programs. Our comprehensive, individualized, and scientific approach means we can develop a customized plan of treatment for any situation. To find out more, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

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