Why You Should Get A Blood Test For B12 Deficiency

While a vitamin deficiency may not seem like all that scary of a proposition in the grand scheme of health concerns, certain vitamins are essential to proper body function. Low levels of vital vitamins and minerals will cause symptoms that go well beyond fatigue and can produce long lasting and debilitating effects. B12 is one such necessary nutrient that can produce serious side effects.

B12 is responsible for creating red blood cells, nerve cells, DNA and for carrying out a wide variety of other important bodily functions, which is why low levels cause such obvious and uncomfortable consequences. While each patient is different, common symptoms of B12 deficiency include: depression, fatigue, upset stomach, weight loss, numbness, etc. Those who don’t receive treatment in a timely manner can experience permanent nerve damage.

The main reason that B12 deficiencies are relatively common is because, unlike other essential nutrients, the body is not capable of naturally producing B12. Humans must consume this vitamin through their diets. As a result, many people simply do not ingest enough vitamin B12 or their bodies aren’t capable of absorbing the right amount to support proper health. Vegetarians, older adults and those who have gone through medical weight loss surgery are all at a higher risk for B12 deficiencies.

Fortunately, a simple blood test can allow doctors to accurately identify B12 levels and make appropriate recommendations. Diet and lifestyle changes certainly are among long-term solutions that will help keep levels within a normal range, but for immediate relief a B12 shot allows patients to instantly receive large doses that can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to B12 deficiency or if you are in one of the high risk categories, it might be a good idea to invest in a simple and affordable blood test. biotstation is just one company that offers testing services that can identify a wide variety of potential problems. They also offer customers the opportunity to purchase a B12 shot and experience a rapid recovery from low B12 levels.

A blood test and B12 shot can also provide the first step on a journey towards better health and wellness. The absolute best way to start protecting your health is to know exactly what state of health you are in to begin with. Blood tests can reveal a whole host of information and help you identify any warning signs that may be a precursor to larger problems down the road. Test results may provide you with just the extra motivation need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Even if you aren’t experiencing an alarming vitamin deficiency, a B12 shot can act as a great energy boost and help your body reach a more balanced state. Add a healthy diet and regular exercise and you have the perfect recipe for energy and overall health.

You can experience optimal health simply by getting to know you own body and addressing any problems before they become more serious. A couple of needle pricks could lead you to a happier and healthier life. Don’t wait until the symptoms become too severe to ignore. Be proactive about your health and use the simple and affordable tools that are offered by companies like biostation who are advocates for using science to live better.

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