Renew Your Resolutions this Season

So it’s already March, and as you look back on the first months of the year, you most likely forgot all about your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there: the weight loss resolution, learning something new, and the New Year, new life resolution. But, somewhere down the road, we lose motivation and fall off the wagon, failing to complete our New Year’s resolutions.

But, there’s still plenty of time to renew your resolutions and work towards new healthy habits.

How to Renew Your New Year’s Resolutions?

This season, renew your New Year’s resolutions to better align them with your current goals and your current habits. Now that the hype and excitement of the New Year have toned down a notch, you can truly focus on what matters to you and your lifestyle.

Rewrite Them

If you wrote your New Year’s resolutions, look for them, read them out loud, and rewrite them. If your resolution read something like “lose weight this year,” you might want to change it to something more like “lose 10 pounds in two months.”

Setting specific, targeted, and measurable goals will help you stick to them and actually fulfill them. Whenever we are accountable for something, we are more likely to accomplish that goal.

Pick One

We tend to write at least five to ten resolutions because we want to do as many things as possible. But, trying to adopt ten different new habits can be overwhelming, leaving you exhausted in the end and possibly not accomplishing any of these resolutions.

Instead, pick one resolution at a time and work on them separately. If your resolutions include taking care of your sexual health this year, work on that first, and then you can start working on your learning a new language resolution.

How to Keep Your New Resolutions?

Fantastic, rewriting old resolutions is one thing. But, what’s going to help you actually keep and achieve these newly found resolutions? After all, you already missed your first round of New Year’s resolutions. No worries, with some guidance, a few tricks, and tons of motivation can help you make these new resolutions a reality.

Start Small

Don’t overdo it. Significant changes are the sum of previous small changes. Instead of going all in, start with small habit changes in your lifestyle that can help you reach your end goal.

For example, if you resolve to learn how to meditate, start by practicing meditation for one minute and work your way up until you’re able to meditate for 30 minutes or more. This applies to all your resolutions, exercise a little bit at a time or start including vegetables in your lunch meals to start eating healthier.

Set a Plan

Based off starting small, you want to craft a plan that will help you accomplish those goals. Set a plan that will guide you on your wellness journey. Be as specific as you need to make it happen.

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year, then think of how you will make that happen. Work with someone that will help you outline a weight loss plan to help you lose a set amount of pounds during a set amount of time.

Planning helps us stay on track and guide us through the process. Having a plan will help when you feel you’re getting distracted or you’re not feeling motivated. A plan will give you drive to keep going because you know you have to follow it if you want to get the end results.

Remind Yourself

Everyone needs a reminder every once in a while. Set up a reminder for your resolutions. If you want to learn how to meditate, schedule a daily reminder on your phone during a time you know you’ll be available to practice meditation.

Schedule reminders of calls you need to make to make something happen. Remind yourself of the plan you chose to follow to achieve your goals. And remind yourself of the bigger picture: Even when you’re feeling lost, the bigger picture will always help keep you motivated.

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Now that you know how to rewrite and keep your New Year’s resolutions let’s focus on making sure those are healthy resolutions that will help you celebrate a healthy new year and a healthier you.

Do Something You Like

From time to time we hear doing something you like every day is a blessing. And the truth is, it is. But, doing something you love can be something as simple as reading a book, walking outdoors, playing with your children, talking to your parents every night, or listening to music.

The small things in life are the most valuable ones. Practice more of the things you like every day, and before you notice, you’ll think your days are more favorable, less stressful, and more treasured.

Keep Track of Your Goals

Keep track and reward yourself. You work hard on your new healthy resolutions. You should be rewarded for it.

Taking action takes a lot of motivation and inspiration, the fact that you started working on your weight loss, the fact that you reached out to do something about your hormones, or the fact that you’re working on your beauty to help with any self-consciousness you might have speaks highly of you. You deserve to be rewarded.

You can only do this if you keep track of your progress. Set up a weekly reminder to look back and see your progress, even if it’s small progress, it’s all worth it.

Stress Less and Do More

Don’t take yourself too seriously. We tend to punish ourselves because we don’t reach our goals or because we missed the opportunity to fulfill a resolution. Instead, focus on stressing less about the things you can’t control and focus more on the things you can do.

Focus More on Wellness

Most people tend to focus on resolutions based on appearance, and even though that’s not a bad thing, a healthy New Year should be more about wellness. Beauty comes from within, and when you pair working on your body from within with working on it from the outside, you get a perfect combination of efforts that will help you focus on your overall well-being.

At the biostation, we believe it’s never too late to start working on your wellness. Tis’ the season to renew your New Year’s resolutions and start working on the best version of you possible. We can help you with this process and guide you through your wellness journey – call us today at 561.284.8729 and talk to one of our Patient Advocates to learn how the biostation journey can help you renew your resolutions.

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