An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to Injecting Testosterone Medications

Welcome to Testosterone Therapy 101. You are done with the hard part—you agonized over your symptoms, wondered if anything could be done, had your blood drawn, met with a physician, and now it’s time to begin your treatment plan. Many treatment plans that include testosterone replacement therapy require at-home injections, but don’t worry—it’s simple to learn how to inject medications.  And to make it even easier, the team at the biostation™ has put together these step-by-step guides to injecting intramuscular and subcutaneous testosterone medications. Just fill out the form to learn more or click here to download our e-book

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the biostation™ offers a comprehensive, individualized, scientific approach to age management, delivering total wellness for men and women looking to rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize their minds, and reclaim confidence. Our medical specialists provide a highly personalized experience using the latest advances in science and medicine including hormone replacement therapy, nutraceutical therapy, and nutrient IV therapy. Our medical director, Martin G. Bloom, M.D., customizes treatments to meet your personal needs and wellness goals, guiding you through the entire process to ensure success and satisfaction. To rediscover the health, fitness, and vitality of your youth, discover the biostation.

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