7 Tips for Raising Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone levels are an integral marker of a man’s health. This crucial hormone regulates mood, athletic performance, and sex drive. So, it’s no wonder that you want to take extra measures to ensure that your testosterone doesn’t fall below healthy levels.

Getting tested is the first step to evaluating your needs. Even if you aren’t showing signs of low testosterone, comprehensive lab results can give you a baseline and with expert analysis, help you build a plan to prevent decline. That’s right, testosterone therapy isn’t the only way to boost testosterone levels. Your lifestyle choices can directly impact your testosterone levels throughout your life, preventing decline or enhancing testosterone replacement therapy.

Whether you’re seeking a boost, prevention, or enhancement, these seven tips will naturally improve your testosterone levels.

1. Diet. You’ve heard it a million times before: you are what you eat. So, when it comes to your health, healthy eating only makes your life better. And studies have shown that a diet high in lean proteins, healthy fats, and a diverse range of fruits and vegetables boosts testosterone levels. If you want details on a diet that will keep you nourished and balanced, check out the biostation’s nourishment guide: the blueprint – COMING SOON!

2. Supplements. Even a perfect diet needs support. In the modern age, the nutrient quality in the food supply has diminished, meaning you need a targeted supplement regimen to support your healthy lifestyle. Must-haves for naturally enhancing testosterone include vitamin D, omega-3s, nettle root extract, and saw palmetto. Of course, no one wants to be taking pill after pill after pill. That’s why the biostation offers expert advice and a wide range of supplements to help you target your regimen to suit your goals and lifestyle.

3. Exercise. Physical activity is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, but pumping iron and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are shown to give your testosterone levels that extra boost to not only build strong muscles, but also support your total health.

4. Rest and Sleep. Don’t skip your rest days and don’t skip the shuteye, either. Rest days give your muscles time to grow and repair. And the same is true of the 7 to 8 hours of sleep you should be getting each night. Skipping either can leave you not only grumpy, but it can lower testosterone levels, too.

5. Stress. As if stress didn’t already do enough damage to your body by diminishing your immunity, disturbing your sleep, tanking your energy, and impairing your sex drive, but it can also induce a decline in testosterone levels. Learn to manage stress. Practice meditation or deep breathing techniques throughout the day, even if only for five minutes. Delegate tasks and take vacations—away from the office and all the technology (your cellphone included.)

6. Endocrine disruptors. You may have heard of them on the news—the nasty chemicals that can appear in your water bottles, shampoos, soaps, processed foods, and even in the air you breathe. While it’s virtually impossible to steer clear of these toxins that disturb hormone balance, you can take steps to protect your hormones by drinking from BPA-free bottles, eating only whole, fresh and organic foods, and choosing household products that are all natural.

7. More sex. And, you should know that having sex boosts your testosterone levels. That’s right—spending time between the sheets revs up your testosterone, your self-esteem, and keeps your sexual performance intact. So, make sure when you write up your testosterone-boosting plan, that “more sex” makes the list.

While you can follow every tip from your 20s to your 50s, aging is inevitable. And, with aging comes hormonal decline, including declines in your testosterone levels. But, since you established your baseline and monitored your lifestyle, getting a boost with testosterone replacement therapy is simple, especially when you pursue the expert assistance from the biostation. At the biostation, you don’t get some cookie-cutter treatment plan. You get one-on-one guidance, comprehensive testing, and a treatment plan that suits you and your personal lifestyle and goals.

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