When Should You Begin HRT?

At a certain age, every woman deals with hormonal changes brought on by menopause.

During this phase of her life – and many others – the body depends on the right balance of hormones to maintain optimal health. Many women suffering from menopause may undergo changes in their sex hormones such as their estrogen levels dropping too low or testosterone that is not balanced to severe to their bodies menopausal symptoms causing different symptoms in all women.

Unfortunately, the changes in a female’s sex hormone’s during menopause is easily overlooked. Many women simply conclude “this is what menopause is like” and do their best to bear it. As courageous as that may seem (for some), but totally not necessary to have to suffer through something that only happens once in your life.

That said, women who feel they are suffering from severe, prolonged symptoms throughout any phase of menopause should seek the opinion of a hormone health expert. When hormone imbalance is a factor, symptoms can last many years longer than they should!

What are Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause is different for every woman. Some will have a full range of symptoms. Some will experience only two or three, while never encountering the others. As a general rule, though, these symptoms should be expected:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hot flashes or sweating
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Scalp dryness with potential hair loss

The most common age of menopause onset is between the age 45 and 55. However, it sometimes occurs early in your 30s – or as late as the 60s.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can significantly reduce the burden of menopause symptoms. When symptoms are severe enough to interfere with daily life, a medical evaluation is in order. However, you do not have to wait until symptoms are unbearable to get help.

When Should Menopausal Women Start HRT?

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Menopause can begin unexpectedly and might start earlier or later than “average.” For optimal health, the best thing a woman can do in the early stages of menopause is get a full evaluation of hormonal health. This helps discover any underlying hormone issues that should be treated.

Postmenopausal Women

Research has shown women who are under 60 and within 10 years of the onset of menopause generally see the greatest benefits from MHT. With age, greater precautions must be taken to ensure side effects are not so serious as to outweigh the many advantages of treatment.

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