Martin G. Bloom, M.D. is at the Forefront of Functional Medicine

Forgetful? Hot flashes? Weight gain? Insomnia? Mood swings?

If you have even two of these symptoms, there is no doubt you are seeking relief, seeking to uncover a better quality of life, seeking to reclaim some semblance of your youth. Suzanne Somers is the not only the poster child for this search, she is the purveyor of aging solutions. It is her efforts that have helped bring bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to the forefront of the medical community. If Suzanne can take back control of her life, why can’t you? The answer is you can take back control.
In South Florida, relief from irritability, sleepless nights, and low libido await. Martin G. Bloom, M.D., the medical director of the biostation™ and an experienced cardiologist, is part of the Forever Health network—a group of highly trained physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and endorsed by Suzanne Somers. Dr. Bloom (pictured to the right of Suzanne Somers with his son, Ross, co-founder of the biostation, on the left), is proud to be a part of this network of expert physicians, and is recognized as innovative doctor by Life Extension, a leader in anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Bloom, like his affiliates, recognizes the importance of metabolic testing and hormone monitoring for healthy aging. He has spent the latter part of his career focusing on integrative medicine techniques and advancements in the field to deliver his patients effective, tailored care.

At the biostation, Dr. Bloom’s patients experience not only rejuvenation, but also personalized medical care at the state-the-art facility. During your consultation, Dr. Bloom will spend time reviewing your lab work, assessing your symptoms, and discussing what has changed for you, personally, in an effort to build a tailored treatment plan that’s all about you. His integrative, functional medicine approach emphasizes healing for the whole body, not just temporarily pacifying your symptoms. Dr. Bloom seeks to get to the root of the issue and solve your wellness concerns to achieve true, optimal health.
With more than 35 years of experience as a board-certified physician and countless hours dedicated to expanding his knowledge and practice in the growing field of functional medicine, Dr. Bloom strives to help his patients reach their wellness goals and enjoy lifelong health. From bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to nutraceuticals, the biostation offers a wealth of expertise and services to ensure that your health is optimal.
Call the biostation™ today at 888-754-1852 or contact us online to schedule your private, personal consultation.
the biostation offers a comprehensive, individualized, scientific approach to age management, delivering total wellness for men and women looking to rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize their minds, and reclaim confidence. Our medical specialists provide a highly personalized experience using the latest advances in science and medicine including hormone replacement therapy, nutraceutical therapy, and nutrient IV therapy. Our medical director, Martin G. Bloom, M.D., customizes treatments to meet your personal needs and wellness goals, guiding you through the entire process to ensure success and satisfaction. To rediscover the health, fitness, and vitality of your youth, discover the biostation.


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