How Much Testosterone Do You Need?

Have you ever wondered how much testosterone you really need? You already know that testosterone plays a significant role in your health, quality of life, and multiple physiological functions in the body—especially if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. So, now that you are ready to consider testosterone replacement therapy, how much testosterone do you need? Which method of delivery is best? Is there such a thing as too much testosterone?

Achieving Healthy Testosterone Levels

First, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as “normal” testosterone levels. The “perfect” level of testosterone varies based on age, health and a multitude of other factors that make you unique. For this reason advanced, comprehensive testing is essential to accurately determining your personal testosterone replacement therapy needs.

Courses of Treatment

When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy, men have lots of options. Choosing a delivery method is highly dependent upon your preference, lifestyle, and known effectiveness of the method. Your physician can help you determine which option suits your needs best. Injections, creams, gels, and trans-dermal patches are among the most common delivery methods, however oral testosterone and testosterone pellet implants are also viable options.

The Right Dosage

Following testing, your physician should spend time with you, not only reviewing and assessing your lab results, but also discussing your symptoms, your lifestyle, and how your daily life has been impacted by your decline in testosterone. This consultation will give your physician insight into where to begin. Administered dosages vary by type of testosterone replacement therapy, age, and your body’s reaction. Your physician will generally start with a standard recommended dose and then continue testing and maintaining thorough communication with you to determine if adjustments need to be made.

  • Injectable testosterone usually begins with 100–250 mg each week. Your physician will check in with you regularly to discuss how you feel. While you may not immediately feel a difference in the first few weeks, you should feel improvements to your energy levels and sleep patterns shortly there after. Your physician will continue to follow up with you to discuss how you’re feeling and review your labs. Adjustments to your testosterone replacement therapy regimen may be made based on your symptoms and lab results.
  • Testosterone Creams contain 5 to 20 percent testosterone. These may be applied to the rib cage, shoulders, arms, or any area that is not obstructed by excess body hair or body fat. Daily application is the recommended dosage.
  • Trans-dermal patches have grown in popularity among some men. One patch has about 5 mg of testosterone and may be worn safely for 24 hours.
  • Testosterone gels are applied to the arm, shoulder, or abdomen. Five grams of gel contain about 50 mg of testosterone. Dosage may be adjusted depending on absorption rate and results.
  • Oral testosterone (pill, troche, or sublingual) is less common due to high cost and low efficacy, not to mention the risks to your liver health and associated stomach discomfort. Most men choose this option when all other alternatives have been exhausted. Doses start at 40 mg a day and may increase to 160–250 mg a day, taken in 3 or 4 small doses.

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