Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance in Women

Hormone imbalances in women are quite common these days, and they can have a serious effect on females of a wide range of ages. While some believe that hormonal issues only impact those experiencing or about to experience menopause, that simply is not the case.

If not menopause, what causes hormone imbalances in otherwise healthy women, and what can be done to treat them? There are many things that can cause hormones to go awry and some surprisingly easy ways to get your levels–and your life–back on the right track.

7 Female Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, please consult with a physician about the possibility of a hormone imbalance.

#1 Difficulty Concentrating

the biostation - Woman Having Difficulty Concentrating

All women need to be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Whether you’re a high-powered CEO leading a Fortune 500 company or you’re a busy stay-at-home mom, a lack of concentration can be very frustrating.

Unfortunately, hormonal imbalances can make concentrating on anything seem nearly impossible for some women.

#2 Anxiety and Depression

the biostation - Woman with Anxiety & Depression

Many women experiencing hormonal imbalances may find that they’re often anxious for no readily apparent reason. From anxiety over work to family life, many women with hormonal issues can’t seem handle day-to-day issues as easily as they once did.

Feeling depressed, sad or just generally down is also common for many women with hormone imbalances.

#3 Irritability and Anger

the biostation - Woman Irritated

You’ve probably heard that frequent mood swings are a sign of menopause, but that isn’t the only reason women get them. Hormonal imbalances can make many women feel irritable and angry when they might otherwise keep their cool.

Mood swings can also create or contribute to personal problems at home, in the office and among friends.

#4 Weight Gain

the biostation - Woman Gaining Weight

Hormone imbalances among women can make weight gain much more likely through poor lifestyle choices. For example, many women simply don’t have the energy they need to get up and exercise like they used to.

Other women may find impulse control difficult or eat more when they feel anxious or sad. Stress on your body can also cause the creation of cortisol, a hormone that is likely to increase the amount of fat you have around your stomach and mid-section.

#5 Sleep Problems

the biostation - Woman with Sleep Problem

Hormonal imbalances in women can make sleeping incredibly difficult. Waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep, not being able to sleep at all, or simply wanting to sleep in the middle of the day are common problems for women with hormonal issues.

Over time, not getting enough sleep or experiencing irregular sleep cycles can also make you more susceptible to fatigue, overeating, anxiety, depression and general stress. Not getting enough sleep can also make it hard to concentrate at work and make you generally irritable.

#6 Low Libido

the biostation - Woman with Low Libido

Low libido and reduced sex drive are common in women experiencing hormonal imbalances. Sadly, many women simply think that they’re no longer interested in sex when really it’s just a hormonal issue.

Like many other problems related to hormonal imbalances, low libido can cause troubles in relationships and lead to depression in women.

#7 Menopause

the biostation - Woman with Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of aging and a sign that a woman is moving into a different phase of life.

The most common symptoms of a hormone imbalance created by menopause are:

· night sweats
· sleep disorder
· irritability
· loss of muscle mass
· weight gain

Many women find that they also feel anxious, sad or cannot easily control their emotions.

Testing for a Problem

the biostation - Woman Taking Hormone Test

To find out if you have a hormone imbalance, your doctor will need to test your blood panels. Blood panels for hormonal imbalances at the biostation are simple to perform and results can be identified quickly.

If your doctor finds that you have a hormone imbalance, you don’t have to suffer with it silently. Treatment is available to correct hormone imbalances and ease uncomfortable symptoms.

Hormone Therapy Provided by the biostation

Many women discontinued the use of hormone therapy for menopause in the early 2000s when studies showed they increased the risk of developing serious health problems like breast cancer, blood clots and stroke. A lot of doctors slowed down on prescribing them to ease the symptoms of menopause as well.

Today, bioidentical hormone therapy has taken the place of traditional synthetic hormone therapy. Just like the hormones your body produces naturally, bioidentical hormones can help safely ease the symptoms of menopause and general hormone imbalances in women.

Don’t suffer from hormone imbalance for even a day longer than you have to. Contact the biostation to learn more about hormone imbalances in women, as well as testing and what you can do to relieve problematic symptoms.

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