What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting Miami is a procedure that is non-invasive and helps get rid of the stubborn fat in areas people are having trouble with. The FDA-cleared procedure is safe and effective, working by using a controlled cooling system to freeze the fat cells. The fat cells freeze and shrink, bringing improved results.  

With the CoolSculpting treatment, our expert aestheticians in Miami will be able to treat stubborn areas on the face and body. Depending on the amount of fat and area being treated, you may see results after the first treatment.

Can I Do CoolSculpting at Home?

This is 100% a NO. Using ice packs or trying to freeze your fat home is not only ineffective, but it can be dangerous. Without the use of a CoolSculpting trained and certified aesthetician, you cannot properly target the fat cells safely and effectively using our controlled cooling system. Applying ice packs or some type of frozen item to your body can lead to a serious injury, such as frost bite. The frozen ice packs or items at home will only freeze your top layer of skin, not get deep down to the fat cells you need to target.

DIY CoolSculpting at home is seriously dangerous and not recommend. When you proceed with the CoolSculpting procedure, make sure you are trusting a professional who is certified and trained in CoolSculpting. Contact us at the biostation Miami to learn more about our aestheticians and what treatment will work best for you.

To learn more about how the biostation Miami can help you achieve your weight loss goals with CoolSculpting, contact us online to schedule your private, personal consultation.

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