Does Your Skincare Make the Grade?

If your skincare products come from the drug store or a retailer, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Even the upscale products sold in high-end department stores are little more than sleek packages concealing empty promises. Simply put: if you’re using over-the-counter skincare, it’s time to think over your choices. Both you and your skin deserve better. You deserve medical-grade skincare. See, medical-grade products are the only ones capable of producing a change in your skin on a deep cellular level. But you won’t find medical-grade skincare on the shelves of your local retailer. It’s only sold at medical spas, dermatology offices and authorized websites. But you will find it to be well worth it every time you look in the mirror. So why is medical-grade skincare so special and superior? Discover its beauty within.

1. The Best Ingredients

Medical-grade products contain the best active ingredients, in their absolute purest forms. In fact, these products are required by law to contain ingredients that are 99% pure! Those over-the-counter products sold at pharmacies and department stores aren’t held to those high standards and typically contain useless fillers. In medical-grade products, the ingredients are also delivered in the correct combinations, and at their ideal strengths.

2. Higher Quantity of Quality Ingredients

No, we’re not talking about longer lists of ingredients—we mean more of the active ingredients that make more of a visible difference, such as retinol, antioxidants and vitamin C. Medical-grade skincare contains higher concentrations of these ingredients, which deliver real results. In contrast, most over-the-counter products have only a trace of these ingredients. While some pricier brands in department stores claim to contain higher percentages, they’re usually not in the same highly-stabilized form as medical-grade products. As a result, their full strength is lost long before they penetrate your skin.

3. Deeper Delivery

Medical-grade products are specially formulated and use advanced methods to deliver higher-quality ingredients to deeper layers of the skin. This is where the cells that produce skin-plumping, line-erasing collagen are found. Delivering these strong ingredients to these deeper layers is the only way to see real changes in your skin. When you compare them to over-the-counter products that only sit on the skin’s surface and barely penetrate deeper layers, there’s no comparison at all.

4. Clinically Researched for Results

Medical-grade products are backed by clinical research studies that support claims about their benefits and effectiveness. In contrast, over-the-counter skincare doesn’t need clinical research to back up its exaggerated claims. And with their strict FDA oversight, you can be confident that medical-grade products are proven to be safe. No wonder they’re trusted by so many skincare experts with the medical training to ensure their quality, safety and effectiveness.

5. By Doctor’s Orders Only

Another major benefit to using medical-grade products is that the only way to get them is with prescription from a medical professional. These powerful products are trusted by the people you trust with your skin. This saves you the cost, stress and guesswork of finding the right regimen on your own.

6. Better Value

Medical-grade products are able to penetrate skin more effectively, so using less of the product can produce dramatic results. You’ll also save money by having your skincare hand-selected to suit your skin’s needs by a trusted professional, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on different over-the-counter products in the hope that one will work.

For exclusive access to the finest medical-grade skincare to help you regain that youthful look, look no further than the biostation. Our new line of medical-grade skincare, bRadiant, can help diminish the signs of aging and replenish your youthful glow. For your custom-tailored regimen, contact us online to schedule your private, personal consultation.

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