Perfect Lips

Lip enhancement treatments have become a popular trend over the last 20 years. People crave to make their lips appear plumper, while reducing the wrinkles around their lips and smoothing out any unevenness. A lip enhancement procedure is performed either by injections or surgery. The biostation offers several in-office treatments that are customized for every patient.

What are Perfect Lips?

Similar to collagen injections Restylane Silk is a highly favored treatment. It is an injection that works with your body’s own natural DNA to help improve the appearance of your lips. The injections contain a specific chemical that helps your body retain moisture, making your skin appear smoother.┬áThe primary ingredient is Hyarulonic Acid, a chemical produced in your body that keeps your eyes moist and your joints well lubricated.

How Much are Lip Injections

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There are several factors that will affect how much a patient will pay for an injection. These factors include the area that is being injected, the amount being used and the formulation you are receiving. Keep in mind, some procedures require multiple treatments while other treatments are designed to be one-time treatments.

Before you decide which lip enhancement procedure you wish to have, it is important to consult with a specialist at the biostation. Based on your individual needs, we can tell you how many injections will be required and where they will be placed. The scope of the treatment will have a large impact on your success rate and costs.

Lip enhancement treatments are relatively common and have several viable options. The recent introduction of hyaluronic acid allows patients to achieve a more natural look while helping with the reduction of wrinkles and gaining a fuller lip.

Where to Get Lip Enhancement in South Florida

Please contact the biostation to learn more about our lip enhancement treatments.

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