How to Correct a Double Chin without Surgery

After a certain age, many people (both men and women) struggle with a “double chin”, or fullness under the chin and a less-than-defined jawline. Whether it’s caused by genetics, age or weight gain, having a double chin is often inevitable (sorry to say) and may manifest over time for many different reasons. My patients usually complain that a double chin makes them look old. However, genetic predispositions simply may run in their family. Unfortunately lifestyle changes like eating healthier, working out or losing weight will not necessarily reduce fat and tighten the skin under your chin. Previously, liposuction was the only option for correcting this issue. However, many of my patients are extremely hesitant to go under the knife, and for them, the risks outweigh the potential aesthetic benefits.

So, the question is: are there any non-surgical methods that will get rid of the dreaded double chin? The answer is, yes!

Kybella fat dissolving injectable

Kybella is a non-invasive procedure that can eliminate a double chin in just a few easy, quick, and virtually pain-free sessions. It carries none of the risks, side effects or complications of a conventional cosmetic surgery because it is very different – relying on a naturally occurring molecule in the body called deoxycholic acid which dissolves unwanted fat.

Due to its innovative approach, a Kybella treatment takes just 20 minutes.

What to expect in a Kybella treatment

During the “lunchtime” procedure, which is much like getting Botox, the area is cleaned and treated with a light numbing agent. A few minutes later, the special fat-dissolving solution is injected. You can leave shortly after the injection and get back to your usual routine right away.

There’s no long recovery to worry about, and the results you achieve are permanent. It breaks down the fat that is causing your double chin, and the fat cells are quickly removed as waste.

Some patients notice slight redness and swelling right after the process is complete, but it resolves within a day or two. Many patients report an immediate improvement in their double chin and a more defined jawline as soon as the treated area has returned to normal.

For the most effective results, most patients opt for four treatments spaced one month apart, but the number of treatments varies. You may get full results after two or three treatments. My patients are constantly amazed by their results and the new level of confidence Kybella gives them. Check out the amazing transformations our patients have achieved with this anti-aging therapy.

Is Kybella right for me?

the biostation - How to Correct Double Chin without Surgery Help

If you a healthy adult who has noticed under-chin fullness that does not go away with diet and exercise, this treatment is likely for you. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to achieve a slimmer facial profile without worrying about surgery. Kybella is the most minimally invasive treatment we offer for correctly a double chin and our patients love it.

At the biostation, we’re proud to offer this breakthrough treatments as part of our portfolio of medical aesthetics. We sincerely believe in providing safe, effective, and customized treatments to help our patients look their best in the most natural and non-invasive ways possible. To learn more about Kybella or to schedule a consultation contact us today.

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