10 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling With Your Weight Loss

Whether you are trying to lose those last five pounds or working toward a bigger goal, constant attempts to lose weight can be frustrating, exhausting, time consuming, and create a real stress in your life. When hormones are not balanced properly, the body prepares for disaster and goes into starvation mode, by storing fat and calories. We crave foods, we lose precious energy, we feel sluggish and we gain weight. Here are ten surprising reasons you may be hitting a wall with your weight loss:

  • Your hormones aren’t balanced.
  • You’re not getting enough Vitamin D.
  • You’re exercising, but not in a way that’s benefiting your body!
  • Your digestion and absorption is not optimal.
  • You’re sitting all day.
  • You’re eating too much.
  • You’re stressed and not finding balance in your days.
  • You’re not sleeping enough.
  • You’re a fad dieter.
  • Your liver is sluggish and you need a good cleanse!

At the biostation™ we take a holistic, healthy and long-term approach to weight loss. We can help you create an environment so that you can shed weight fast, and keep it off. Contact us today to learn how to stop the yo yo diets and fix the root of the problem, forever!

Introducing our Total Wellness & Anti-Aging Program*

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the biostation total wellness program includes:


  • 1 ½ hour consultation with one of our industry-leading medical experts
  • Comprehensive blood panel: Measures over 40 biomarkers including advanced metabolic and growth hormones, cholesterol and cardiovascular health, sex hormones, thyroid and blood sugar levels, inflammation, liver and kidney health, reproductive function, tumor markers and bone health
  • Sophisticated lgE food and inhalant allergy test
  • bioID™ with personalized wellness protocol: Hormone health, cardiovascular
    health, anti-aging and regenerative treatments
  • bEnergized Methyl B12 nutrient injection

Receive $100 credit towards your first Rx service!

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