You can improve what you can measure. Only the biostation features the unique bioID process. Your bioID is used to identify specific biomarkers within your body chemistry that need to be addressed through your treatment. Our medical specialists, led by medical director Martin G. Bloom, M.D., conduct a highly specialized blood analysis to determine your bioID. Your bioID results will be presented to you in a customized document that will point out the biomarkers within your body that need to be addressed in an effort to achieve optimal wellness. Based on these results and your wellness goals, Dr. Bloom will design a customized plan and protocol specifically for you to help restore balance to your body and help you live a healthier, happier, more youthful life.

Your bioID will also be used to track and understand your progress from the biostation’s individualized and customized therapy through continued testing and analysis.

Are you an athlete looking to maintain optimal health as well as achieve your performance goals? Whether you’re training for a race, a CrossFit competition, or just your own personal best, learning your bioID is the place to start. That will allow the biostation to custom tailor the right nutraceuticals and amino acids to keep you healthy, performing your best, and enjoying the activities you love.