Nutraceutical therapy uses powerful nutraceuticals and amino acids to help men and women fight the effects that busy and active lifestyles place on our bodies. Today’s world is filled with toxins, whether they’re in the food we eat, the environment we live in, or even caused by the stress an active lifestyle can create. Nutraceutical therapy can be used to help balance our internal systems, thereby increasing our overall health and enhancing our fitness levels and endurance. At the biostation, our medical specialists develop customized regimens of pharmaceutical-grade, high performance multi-vitamins and essential amino acids. Each regimen is based on your bioID and goals to optimize your health and performance.

the biostation proudly offers an extensive array of essential vitamins to enhance your health and fitness. Some of our proven performers include vitamin D, glutathione, CoQ10, Omega 3 fish oil, and Adrenal Caps, among others. We use only the most powerful and beneficial vitamins at the highest pharmaceutical grade to help you stay healthier, perform better, recover faster, and feel your very best.

Essential amino acids are another powerful component in nutraceutical therapy. Our medical specialists can customize injectable amino acid blends to suit your precise blood type, symptoms, and goals. Our amino acids are the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade to ensure that you receive their optimal benefits. The utilization of injectable amino acids by our medical professionals creates a significantly higher absorption rate within the body and can lead to a significantly greater experience of effects by our patients. While many prefer our customized blends, we also offer the following special blends that have proven to be both powerful and popular with our clients:

  • bOptimal – Better your health from head-to-toe for greater energy, better immunity, increased performance, and maximum metabolism with this mega multi-nutrient formula.
  • bRecovered – Enhance your exercise performance, endurance, and recovery with this muscle-mending mix.
  • bLean – Rev up your slim-down and boost your metabolism with this energizing, fat-fighting formula.
  • bSerene – Soothe your senses and relax your mind for better sleep and tension relief with this comforting custom formula.
  • bBoost – Protect your health and strengthen your system to keep your body and mind at their best.
  • bAmped – Stimulate your body to increase your energy, improve your metabolism, and fight fatigue with this vitalizing booster.

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We strive to give you the best to help you be your best. That’s why we insist on using only the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade nutrients. Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are over 99% in purity and contain no binders, fillers, excipients (substances used to dilute drugs), dyes, or unknown substances. Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are also formulated to yield a higher degree of bioavailability–the degree at which the vitamin is absorbed into the body’s system. This allows us to harness the supplement’s maximum benefits to help you achieve maximum performance. Surprisingly, some manufacturers conceal lower-grade ingredients in their supplements and still sell them as premium products. This practice has become prevalent in the industry, but we demand that our nutrients are the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade and have been tested for their quality and ability to give results to ensure that you have the highest satisfaction.