Revolutionary thermal energy technology firms skin and rebuilds collagen from head to toe.

bRenewed thermal energy facial rejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure which uses gentle radio frequency to tighten the skin. This highly effective anti-aging solution stimulates your body’s own collagen production with temperature controlled radio frequency. Learn how easy it is to smooth, tighten, and perfect skin the natural way with bRenewed thermal energy therapy.

Using the same technology applied in an exciting new way, bRenewed subdermal skin tightening safely, painlessly and effectively tightens skin on the chin, under arms, stomach, thighs and knees, without the need for invasive, costly surgery that can leave unsightly scarring. This procedure is also ideal for tightening loose skin all over the body after liposuction. bRenewed is the perfect treatment for anyone who is looking for an effective, long-term anti-aging results but wants to avoid surgery.

Discover the magic of thermal energy therapy and whether it’s right for you!

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