Introducing the biostation custom lab panel


Everything you need to know about the state of your health can be determined from within

At the biostation™, we believe strongly that diagnostic testing, which observes for markers of disease and function throughout the entire body, can help show the way to optimize people’s health, help athletes achieve optimal performance, and identify the root cause of symptoms that people are experiencing. Our goal is to recognize deficiencies within your system before you do. Once those deficiencies are identified, medical director Martin G. Bloom, M.D. will prescribe a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, and allow you to feel your best at any age.


Our most popular “performance” blood panel is only $199 with PPO insurance!

the biostation performance panel is our most commonly used general wellness panel and not your ordinary baseline assessment. This serum lab package will offer information on systemic inflammation, performance hormones, advanced cardiovascular, thyroid, reproductive health, liver and kidney function, advanced nutrients, minerals, metabolism, and more. Included in this package is a 1-hour consultation with medical directior Martin G. Bloom M.D. to provide an in-depth assessment of what is happening inside your body as well as personalized recommendations unique to your biochemistry.