3 FREE Test/Oxy/Tad/Serm Troche on next RX and any RX over $500 receive FREE bLean!*

The path to optimal health and performance at the biostation is all about custom and proprietary treatment to help you look feel and be your very best. In case you didn’t know, here are a few compounds available for your therapy:


Tritest 200mg/ ml Cyp 50%/ Enan 37.5%/ Prop 12.5%
energy This potent blend of 3 esters may be what your body needs if you are looking to take your health and your performance to the next level. By combining 3 types of testosterone esters into one blend, patients have felt substantial short term energy and libido boost while also maintaining stable and optimal levels in between injections.

Testosterone/ Oxytocin/ Tadalafil/ Sermorelin Troche
growth This potent troche is ideal for increasing energy and performance prior to a workout or intimate encounter. By utilizing an oral rapid dissolve delivery mechanism this great for travel troche is also very discreet. The addition of Oxytocin helps to increase a sense of well being while your are performing and feeling your best.

bLean injectable
weight-loss Our new bLean injection is our most potent fat burning injection yet. We have added ATP to increase cellular energy and metabolic rate and increased the amount of L-Carnitine for increased fat metabolism. If you are looking to get you body into its best shape yet, this medication may be just what you need.

Sermorelin GT
soothe This potent blend of sermorelin, GHRP-2 and the amino-acid thanine has been the most sucessful blend to date in helping our patients achieve higher levels of IGF-1 and increased natural production of growth hormone. Repair, faster recovery and rest full sleep are the common benefits our patients rave about.

Testosterone Cypionate with Zinc
heart-health Dr. Bloom’s newest combination blend of testosterone has the addition of Zinc. Zinc has been shown to help the endothelial lining of arteries by increasing their elasticity and preventing their hardening. This potent mineral also helps to prevent estrogens from rising, can increase libido and can help improve athletic performance and strength.